BrlSpeak Debian-based Braille-Loopback Mini-Distribution

Brlspeak is a Loopback GNU/Linux Distribution with many applications on board, (no longer UMDOS as by the past, it's now an ext2/ext3 file-system); it aims to be easy to install for sighted impaired DOS/Windows users, but anybody may use it, for example when repartitioning the disk is not permitted/not desired.

When the braille display is enabled under DOS, it's very easy to run the installer to install Brlspeak, or to pre-edit files... All essential Brlspeak parameters are setuped before booting Brlspeak for the first time.

The project is based on a Debian GNU/Linux distribution, while previous versions were based on Slackware's mini-distribution called Zipslack; using Debian GNU/Linux as base, it's easier for the user to install new software, as well as easier for maintenance.

Brlspeak is an interesting tool for educating non-free users and help them discovering the world of free software .

It can also be a rescue distribution when you destroyed yourself your official/standard system and you want to reach some friends or the WWW.